Women in Agriculture Awards

Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service is now accepting nominations for the 2010 Women in Agriculture awards. For information about criteria for eligibility, and guidelines for nomination submissions visit:


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AgrIInstitute Agricultural Leadership Prpgram (ALP)

The Indiana Agricultural Leadership Program is now taking applications for Class 14. Individuals with a connection to agriculture, and are interested in enhancing their understanding of public affairs and developing the expertise to play a leading role should apply. The program features ten in-state seminars, a week of study in Washington DC and two weeks of international study.

I was a member of Class 4 and have greatly benefited from the experience.

If interested in applying, contact the AgrIInstitute, Inc. by phone, (317) 745-0947, or email beth@agrIInstitute.org

More information is available on the web: http://www.agrIInstitute.org

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Poetry (Culture From the Country)

The end of March, First of April,

Many a green and muddy day.

Its like looking forward to Christmas,

But Thanksgiving gets in the way.

Soon though will be the smell of soil,

Spring Peepers fortell weather fair,

Big wheels will be a turnin’,

And the wiff of diesel will be in the air.

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